Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Utopias 2007

My friend Jason is a lover of craft beer. As a matter of fact, many of my friends are quite partial to good beer. Jason is a co-owner of one of the coolest pizza and beer restaurants in Tokyo. I attended an opening party for their newest venture and had a great time eating Chicago style deep dish pizza and drinking fine craft beer. As the night wore on I was just finishing my pint when Jason told me to save space for something special. And special it was too. For Jason pulled up onto the counter a bottle. I knew what it was straight away. He proudly exclaims, "Utopias 2007!" After Jason fumbled with the twist cap I was surprised to see a beer cap on the bottle. Off the cap went and then a small sample into a waiting wine glass. A nice amber colour with just a smidgen of lacy head. The aroma was of light spices and soft chewying licorice. And the taste was smoother than I expected. Sweet but balanced with a variety of different flavours melded together. An exciting experience. Thanks again Jason for the taste of the naturally brewed strongest alcoholic beer in the world.

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