Saturday, April 27, 2013

Helliyers Road

I've tried many whiskies from around the world but none from Australia. Being from Australia I thought that it was high time I rectified that. My two Australian friends David and Dean brought me a bottle each of Tasmanian whisky while there were visiting Tokyo. Both are married to Japanese wives and have children. So before they came up they asked if I wanted them to bring me anything. I asked for some Australian whisky and to help them along with that request I suggested a bottle of Helliyers Road. Helliyers Road is the largest distillery in Tasmania and is owned by the Betta Milk company. Dean bought be the Helliyers Road Pinot Noir and David bought me the Original. They are both unchilled filtered and no colouring added and at a presentable 46% alcohol. I look forward to trying these at a later stage. The original is a light yellow colour whilst the Pinot Noir has a light amber. In other words both the same whisky but the Pinot Noir has been finished in "premium pinot noir casks".

Helliyers Road Pinot Noir and Helliyers Road Original

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