Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shinanoya Shinjuku

I had a little time off before my next class so headed to Shinanoya Shinjuku store to check out their whisky range. This shop is in the heart of Kabukicho entertainment area. Kabukicho is know for its many bars and drinking places and I'm sure Shinanoya supplies them with their liquor needs. It also supplies thirsty customers too.

Not only do they sell whisky but they also sell an assortment of foods and drinking equipment. Glencairn whisky glasses can be purchased for 900 yen or you can by a set of 6 copita tasting glasses for a little over 2000 yen. This makes it one of the cheapest places to get the appropriate glasswear to enjoy whisky. The whisky range is extremely good with a few bottles of Caol Ila unpeated on sale.

Shinanoya also have quite a collection of store exclusive bottlings as well. For example they have a exclusive bottling on sale very soon of Karuizawa 31 in which only 228 bottles were made. It can be yours for 27,900 yen. A more affordable Ichiro's Malt Hanyu 12 which only 308 bottles are available can be had for 8980 yen. As for myself, I couldn't resist a whisky flavoured Christmas pudding for Christmas.  Highly recommended for getting some good whiskies or just window shopping if you are in the area.

Shinanoya's homepage

Shinanoya's English website

This is what I'll be having after Christmas dinner. 
Shinanoya's extensive range of whisky.

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