Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grand Malt Tasting 2012

My friend Bob who works as the single malt brand ambassador for MHD told me about one of the whisky events of the year. I attended GMT 2012 and it was all he said and more. The price of entry was 2,500 yen, limited to only 300 people but it was held on a Monday night from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Not much time to really enjoy anything I initially thought.  For that price too I didn't expect too much. Anyway on the night I had to wait until the wife came home to babysit the little one. So when she got home, a little late as usual, I dashed off to the station. I got to Ebisu at around 7:20pm and proceeded to the place. It was held in a small restaurant and event hall called Act*Square. Looked very posh and a large line had already formed when I got there.

I'm about the 120 person in the line.

Everyone patiently waiting in anticipation.

Being directed by the staff
I got in at around 7:35pm and was given a nice Glencairn glass with the GMT 2012 logo on it. This would be the glass used to try all that wonderful whisky.

GMT 2012 Glencairn. The only way to drink whisky.
Once in the place was filled with booths with all wonder wonderful whisky for everyone to try. There was even a small booth with whisky cocktails and a few special guests who came all the way from Scotland. My friend Bob was also working giving out samples of wort and new-make spirit from Talisker and Glenmorangie. I got to taste very old Talisker 30 and Brora 35. Excellent stuff! There was even the new Ardbeg Galileo which I tried several times. Not only did they have food but also lovely cocktail foods like water crackers with blue cheese and spring rolls as well. All you can eat food and whisky, what more could you want from a tasting!?

The sign before entering the main hall.

Inside the main hall.

Me and my whisky friend Taro.
All the people that are into Scotch whisky were there. I saw my friend Taro and even the staff at my favorite bottle shop Liquors Hasegawa there. I also finally met the famous Iwasa-san of Ogikubo Malt Club. He of course didn't recognize me but after a while remembered me. He holds regular tasting sessions with a huge selection of whisky. I haven't attended one as yet but plan to in the future.

Dr. Bill Lumsden (Glenmorangie & Ardbeg Master Distiller)

Ardbeg stand

Mark Lochead (Talisker Distillery Manager)

Large bottle of Ardbeg Galileo

Georgie Crawford (Lagavulin Distillery Manager)

Dr. Lumsden talking about Glenmorangie

Just one of many booths filled with bottle of fine whisky.

Vertical bottles of Talisker

The very expensive Talisker 30
I had a great night and look forward to this event next year.

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