Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Glen Breton, Canadian Single Malt Whisky

On a recent trip to Vancouver BC, I found a bottle of Canada's only single malt whisky, Glen Breton. It wasn't cheap at around C$60 but was it worth it? I tried a little and it was a very clean and flavorful whisky. It reminded me a little of Springbank. It's non-chilled filtered and it looks like there isn't any artificial coloring added. I look forward to sampling more of this great whisky.

Glen Breton 10 year old 43% ALV 750ml bottle
Color - medium honey (-3 amber)
Nose (neat) - slight vanilla, apple, rose, pine, slight citrus
Taste (neat) - rich, sweet honey, vanilla and oak
Finish - Long lasting sweetness and the vanilla, yummy.
Conclusion - Honey sweetness and smooth. Very elegant.

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