Monday, June 18, 2012

What I've tasted at Liquors Hasegawa

Here are some pictures of the whiskies that I tasted at Liquors Hasegawa. I've tried a few other whiskies but I forgot to take pictures of them. It really is an education to be able to try so many different types of whiskies.

Green Label and Black Label

The Laddie Ten and Old Pultney 12
When I took the two bottles of Johnnie Walker to the counter, I told the shop assistant that there wasn't enough Blue Label for a tasting. She agreed and only charged me 100 yen for the small sample. I enjoyed both Johnnies but I preferred the Green Lable more because it had more character. The Blue Label was far too easy and smooth to drink. And for the price tag of around 12,000 yen I could buy two bottles of fine single malt.

Next I tried Bruichladdich's The Laddie Ten which is an unpeated Islay whisky. The other was a standard bottle of Old Pultney 12 from the Highlands. Two very different malts but both very well made. I look forward to trying these out again.

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