Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Clynelish 14

When I first tried to get into whisky 7 years ago I bought a few bottles of whisky. These were drunk very slowly throughout the years. It was a struggle to get through them because I didn't appreciate whisky at that time. Most of them were shared with various friend when they came over. Most of these friends have returned to their home countries so at least I have the memories of sharing my whisky with good friends. Some of the whiskies I bought were Glenfiddich, Canadian Club, Tullamore Dew and of course Johnnie Walkers. The standout whisky from those days is a 14 year old bottle of Clynelish. I still have this bottle but there are only a few drams left. It's probably oxidised to hell but I'll be savoring this bottle and when it is finished I'll get a new and improved replacement. I wonder what whisky I'll get in its place.

Clynelish 14. A great whisky!

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